Anonymous asked:

wait, did alex and Arielle break up???


Anonymous asked:

are there photos of Arielle and Matt Healy together? xx

Hey, right now I just found that oneΒ x. But there are more pictures from the same day and also has this video from Coachella.Β When I find the others pics, I update xxΒ 

Anonymous asked:

I wonder why Arielle still keep Alex's photos on her instagram account

Because there is no reason to delete it. It’s not like they broke up in the most dramatic way. He was an important person in her life, so keep a photo on a instagram’s account to remembering a good moment is not a bad thing. xx

jffbeck asked:

this is an amazing blog. thanks for keeping it nice and neat and organized!!

Oh, thank you so much dear! I really appreciate that β™₯ xoxo